We specialise in sanitising and disinfecting offices, schools and other commercial buildings

From carpets to electrical equipment, viruses and bacteria can cling onto surfaces and enable it’s transmission.

We can eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and infectious organisms from surfaces, greatly reducing the risk of infection. Without correct deep cleaning techniques to disinfect and sterilise, bacteria on surfaces will not be killed.

Premises we clean

Bio Fogging offer sanitising and disinfecting services in the following premises in and around the Midlands:

    • Warehouses
    • GP surgeries
    • Schools, colleges & universities
    • Care homes
    • Housing associations
    • Retail shops & showrooms
    • Commercial offices
    • Dental practices
    • Gyms
    • Public Transport
    • Trains
    • Planes
    • Place of Worship
    • And many more businesses